Thank you for visiting us at Jewels by Mouse. Not only do we have some lovely trinkets for you, but we now offer unique handcrafted wood jewelry boxes to keep them in.

The jewelry I make is what I never found when I was shopping. I love mixed metals and rivets, unusual shaped stones, spiraling organic forms, and textures that want to be touched.

I only use sterling or fine silver, never plate. The copper and brass I use are backed by sterling because I know I'm not the only one who reacts to base metals.

Are you buying a gift? Let me know and I'll happily wrap it up for you.

Be sure to check the Specials page for clearance items and the sold gallery for some old favorites. I also post updates to new projects and special promotions on the blog. Look around and let me know if you have any questions!

Update... Hurricane Irma dropped a tree on my metal shop, so I'm going to be posting some very different things here soon. Since I don't have the space to cast silver and bronze at the moment, I'll be working more in leather and metal clay. I also aquired a Glowforge laser cutter so I'll be posting laser cut jewelry boxes, journals, and mixed media jewelry.

You can also find some things that aren't posted here on my Etsy page... JewelsbyMouse